Identifying Your City Coach Bus

Plan Your Trip
All City Coach buses display a headsign with route number and destination. The headsign is located on the front of the bus just above the windshield.

There are Bus Stop signs throughout Vacaville that tell you which buses stop at which stops and tell us the location of the stop.

Route numbers are color coded by route and tell you which buses stop at that destination.

The bus stop location number is in a white circle at the top right of the sign. This number will tell our friendly dispatch exactly which stop you are at.

For additional information about identifying you bus or bus stops please call City Coach at (707) 449-6000.

Request for Proposal

For best value operation of city of vacavillegeneral public fixed route, demand response and paratransit services.

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To advertise with City Coach please contact Lamar Transit Advertising.
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